14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re looking to return or exchange your order for whatever reason, we are here to help! We’re confident that you’ll love Freedrum as much as we do and therefore we offer a 14-day Money-Back Guarantee. Buy the product, try it out and ship it back to us (within 14 days of arrival) for a refund if you’re not happy with it. Unfortunately, at this point we are not able to offer free returns.

Customers from EU-countries can handle their return shipments by their carrier of their own choice. For non EU customers, please see the return policy below. To start your return process please send and email with your request to support@freedrum.rocks and our support team will start the return process.

You must ship returns within 7 days of the return request. If not, we will deem the return outside of the return window. Please note that if you cannot ship the return in the 7-day window to reach out to our support team.

We make refunds to the credit card used when ordering, within two weeks after having received the returned item.

RETURN POLICY (Non EU-Countries)

In the unlikely event of returning your purchase we are here to help you out. Get in touch with us via support@freedrum.rocks and request a return label.

Unfortunately, at this point we are not able to offer free returns as the prices for international shipments have increased due to the pandemic.However, we are constantly doing our best to make this process as smooth and cost efficient as possible for you. Therefore, choose your country from the drop-down menu below to get the flat fee for your return label.

Once we receive your return shipment we will deduct that flat fee from your refundable amount.

You may be asking yourself, why you shouldn’t choose to return your purchase by a carrier of your own choice?

Any returns coming from private individuals and non-EU countries to Sweden are subject to an additional declaration/service fee of $ 40.00 by the Swedish National Postal Service PostNord. This fee cannot be avoided and will always apply regardless of the carrier of your choice.

In order to avoid this, we have established reasonable flat fees together with our partner FedEx that will allow our customer to avoid these additional declaration fees and to offer a smoother return process.

If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Argentina $45.00

Armenia $45.00

Aruba $45.00

Australia $40.00

Bahama $45.00

Barbados $45.00

Bhutan $42.00

Bonaire, Sint Eustats and Saba $45.00

Brazil $45.00

Canada $35.00

Chad $45.00

Chile $45.00

China $40.00

Colombia $45.00

Cook Islands $45.00

Costa Rica $45.00

Curacao $45.00

Djibouti $45.00

Dominican Republic $45.00

Ecuador $45.00

Estonia $35.00

Guinea $45.00

Hong Kong $40.00

India $42.00

Indonesia $40.00

Israel $42.00

Jamaica $45.00

Japan $40.00

Lesotho $45.00

Macau $40.00

Malaysia $40.00

Mexico $45.00

New Caledonia $45.00

New Zealand $40.00

Norway $35.00

Panama $45.00

Peru $45.00

Philippines $40.00

Puerto Rico $45.00

Saudi Arabia $42.00

Singapore $40.00

South Africa $45.00

South Korea $40.00

Sri Lanka $42.00

St. Maarten $45.00

Swaziland $45.00

Switzerland $42.00

Taiwan $40.00

Thailand $40.00

U.S.A. $35.00

Uganda $45.00

United Arab Emirates $42.00

United Kingdom $35.00

United States Virgin Islands $45.00

Uruguay $45.00

Venezuela $45.00

Vietnam $40.00