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Freedrum studio

Coordination is key, and with the tutorials it is easy to improve fast. Combined with the Freedrum sensors, makes it the perfect tool to start an affordable AND NOISELESS learning path.

Paulo Arbelaez

iPhone 12 Pro


Great sound love my set of freedrum sticks 💯 Amazing product and customer service. Highly recommend won’t be disappointed

Bobby Twisdale

iPhone XS Max


Thanks to Freedrum I have fulfilled my dream of playing drums. I recommend first learning how to use Freedrum well and then playing the drums.

Jose Fco. Martinez

Xiaomi MI 8


Okay first off this is really amazing. I haven’t been in a space where I've been able to play drums over a decade. Got these set up and wow.

UNBELIEVABLE!! Just incredible.

Dan C

OnePlus 7 Pro


Works great! I was able to do everything I wanted on the pixel 3a. Very happy

Nathaniel Adams

Google Pixel 3a


I have been using this app for 5 months or so now. At first I wasn’t super enthusiastic about it, but after the last upgrade I am speechless! It so awesome and I can see the improvements at every practice. I get excited every time I have time to play!

Chilli Beans 92

This is the best gear for drumming everywhere, anytime. The best gift you could ever give away, since it is really intuitive easy to conect through Bluetooth, it feels like playing invisible drums lol, saves room, I mean I love a good drum set, but sometimes you don’t have the time to clean and whatch over your drums.

This is the perfect option for guys like you and me that want to jam everwhere, anytime and always!!! If you are thinking of buying one don’t think too much and if you already did, ya’ll know what I talk ‘bout!!!

Raaúl Guerra

iPhone X

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