Installing the Windows Beta Version of Freedrum App

Download the app from our website here.


After you download the app you need to install it. Since it is in beta if you double click the program you will see this message in step 2.


This message is to let you know that the installation can not occur because it is in beta. Not to worry we have a fix in the next steps.


Right click the app in your folder to bring up the drop down menu.


Go down to the bottom of the menu and click properties.


In the general tab of properties you will see the highlighted section in the image. What we need to do is uncheck the box that says Unblock.


Press apply to apply the new settings you unchecked.


Now that you have setup this properties you can close the window and double click the app to install it. You will receive another dialogue asking for permission you can accept to continue the app installation.


Press install to start the process.


The setup will ask if you want to create a desktop shortcut. We recommend doing this to have easy access to the app on your desktop.


The installation is now complete. Make sure to have the checkbox marked so you can launch the app.

Now that the app is installed lets learn how to connect your sensors to the Freedrum Windows (beta) program in Tutorial 1.