Electronic Drum Kit

Please watch the video to learn how to configure your electronic drum kit with your Freedrum app.

Here is the step by step guide on the configuration. Each electronic drum kit has its own unique settings. Because of this you need to configure your electronic drum kit in our app. You can connect your Electronic Drum Kit by a headphone wire or using Bluetooth. This depends on the model of your kit.

Tutorial - Configuring Electronic Drum Kit


Once you connect your Electronic Kit to the app we can start the connection process. Start by pressing the connections menu displayed in the image.


In the Connect to Devices menu you should see your Electronic Kit. If you don't you need to refer to step 1 to reconnect.


If you are connecting with Bluetooth you must pair your sensors on iOS. Allow location services on Android or you wont be able to connect. The same goes for macOS connections menu.


Press Get Started to be able to start the configuration of your Electronic Drum Kit.


In this menu you can set your kit as left or right-handed playing. Select your snare drum highlighted in the image.


Now we can see the Snare Drum closer. Follow the prompt to strike the snare drum four times to complete the assignment.


Continue with the assignment.


Once you complete the assignment you are greeted by this screen with the green check mark. Press continue to move to the next drum or cymbal.


Lets continue by pressing the hi-hat highlighted in the image.


Cymbals have more areas to play so we will start with the open hi hat. Allow for your Electronic Drum Kit to play an open hi-hat and follow the prompt by hitting the highlighted area. In this case it is the edge of the hi-hat.


Follow the prompt by hitting the highlighted area. In this case it is the surface of the hi-hat.


Now we will step on the hi-hat pedal and hold it down. This is to assign a closed hi-hat.


If you get any errors its okay you can start the assignment of the instrument again by pressing Reset.


Strike the edge of the cymbal with the hi-hat closed.


Strike the highlighted area on the the closed hi-hat. This time it is the surface of the hi-hat.


Great job! You have assigned the hi-hat.


Now lets configure the kick drum. Select the kick drum highlighted in the image.


Step on the kick drum pedal four times to complete the assignment.


Great job! The kick drum is assigned.


Repeat this process for all the instruments in the image until they are all highlighted in green. Once you finish you can press done. Enjoy playing in our app with your Electronic Drum Kit!

Still unsure about playing or setting up? No worries, we are here to assist you! Please use the chat function on our website and let us know how we can assist you. Make sure to provide your email if it is outside of business hours.