Freedrum Meets - Robin Stephenson

Robin Stephenson has been a part of Freedrum since the early days.
As an avid member of our forum, Robin has picked up most of the tips and tricks that there are on how to play Freedrum.

Over the years he has also put an emphasis on Freedrums portability, traveling all over the world and playing Freedrum at the most interesting places. We called up the man from down under to hear how he got started playing Freedrum. 

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Freedrum Meets - Oleksii Spitsyn

The Ukraine born Oleksii Spitsyn has been calling Netherlands his home for the last 7 years, residing in the city of Enschede. Soon to be graduating the University of Arts and Music, Oleksii sees a future working with transmedia storytelling.

We caught up with Oleksii to hear how he expresses his creativity and how Freedrum plays a big part in the creation of his music. 

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Freedrum Loves : Karen Carpenter
The Story of Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter was a part of the successful brother and sister duo, The Carpenters. From the early 70's up to the mid-'80s, The Carpenters was known as one of the biggest selling musical acts in...
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5 must-have drums for beginners
Drum kits come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In the Freedrum app for example you can add up to 12 different drum units. Committing to a drum kit is different than committing to any other instrument because you...
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Freedrum Meets - Nate Hendrix

California based artist Nate Hendrix is a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He expresses himself through various genres inspired by contemporary pop and R&B, as well as a bygone era where jazz and big band music ruled the charts. 

We caught up with Nate to talk about his musical upbringing, producing and what’s next.

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