Freedrum vs Electronic Drums

Freedrum vs Electronic Drums

Don’t know if you should get Freedrum or an Electronic Drum Kit? No worries! We thought we would compare both of them here to make your choice a bit easier.


Freedrum is a Bluetooth MIDI controller you can connect to your phone or computer and play air drums. Through our app, you can choose to play different drum kits to match your style, and of course connect your headphones so you don’t disturb anyone. What’s great about Freedrum is that they use minimal space in your room, and they are portable which makes them easy to bring when you travel.

Electronic Drum

Electronic drums are an alternative to acoustic drums and they come in a variety of sizes. Some come without the remainder shell, where as more expensive models keep this to make it look and feel more like a real drum kit. All come with a sound module which is where you can change the volume and style of kit, and you can also use this to connect it to your device to run the Freedrum app or other DAW such as Garageband and Ableton. Naturally, you can also connect headphones to the sound module so you can practice as quietly as possible.


Although Freedrum and an Electronic drum kit are different, they share some similarities. Their primary purpose with both is to play the drums and create rhythm. 

The table below shows a comparison between Freedrum and an Electronic Drum Kit.

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