Freedrum Update: Shipping, Packaging, New Courses

Freedrum Update: Shipping, Packaging, New Courses

Hello everyone!

We are back for another update.

We Are On Track To Ship In November

Pre-production and testing within the team are going great! What does this mean? We are on track to ship this November! Once we are ready to begin shipping we will Now to the latest happenings in Sweden.

New Sustainable Packaging

Packaging has arrived in the office and looks great!

We have always strived to have sustainable packaging and did so with the first version of Freedrum. The packaging design for Freedrum 2 maintains that goal as it is constructed purely from craft paper boards. The result is a minimalist design that uses honest materials and printing methods to both protect the products and give an exclusive feel.

Here are some images of the packaging and pre-production kits for testing before manufacturing begins.

Free Courses To Try Today

We know that sometimes a trial might not be enough time to really test out what you would like in the app.

That is why we launched a whole new course with six songs you can play today without a trial! 

You can find each new song in the courses section under "Free Chapters". This course supports these six genres: Rock, Hip Hop, Blues, Funk, Drum n Bass, and K-Pop! Each song increases with difficulty as you progress. We know that most of you do not have an e-kit and are still waiting for your Freedrum kit, but if you want to test out these new free songs, you can do so by finger drumming.

Try them out and let us know what you think!

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If you have any questions or concerns please email us at so we can better assist you. 

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