An Air-drumming Legend

An Air-drumming Legend

An Air-drumming Legend

A year ago, The Rolling Stones performed their hit "You Can't Always Get What You Want" in support of Global Citizen's One World: Together At Home campaign and it went viral! Charlie Watts became the king of air drumming after that day. 

Owning a drum kit can be its own logistical nightmare! Space, noise, price… Everyone who has wanted to start drumming knows the struggle is real. But surely rock ‘n roll royalty is unlike the rest of us lesser mortals? Based on The Rolling Stones performance that evening apparently not.

A lot of people have suggested ol’ Charlie was using Freedrum and we can clarify that he wasn’t. But what stood out to us was the fact that he didn’t sit behind a drum kit at all. It’s curious because Charlie Watts is a superstar who should, of course, own a drum kit at home. After some discussions at length between us, we have some ideas as to why.

If Charlie lives in an apartment in London he will likely practice in a studio nearby so that he doesn’t disturb his neighbors. Because of the COVID-19 isolation, he won’t be able to travel to the studio.

Recording Quality.
He may very well own a drum kit at home but he could lack the microphones to record. Drum kits are notoriously difficult to mic-up and the recording you get from a smartphone might not have been up to Charlie’s standards.

Appropriate for “Together At Home”.
The theme of the campaign is to encourage staying indoors: showing that even celebrities are stuck at home. Sitting behind some furniture and killing it on the air drums is a really great way to emphasize that!

For whatever reason Charlie Watts decided not to use a drum kit, we think that we can all sympathize with how many barriers there are to finding practice time. Of course, this is not an issue with Freedrum.

If you’re stuck home and looking for a way to play the drums anytime. Hit the button below to find out more about Freedrum.

Watch the Rolling Stones perform "You Can't Always Get What You Want" in support of Global Citizen's One World: Together At Home campaign, 2020.



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