Best Wireless Headphones Compatible With Freedrum

Best Wireless Headphones Compatible With Freedrum - Freedrum

Best Wireless Headphones Compatible With Freedrum

Breathe new life into your sessions

If you are spending more time with Freedrum or just getting started you may be wondering how to improve your setup. We find that changing a simple thing like the software or headphones can often breathe new life into your sessions. 

Which headphones work best with Freedrum? Here is what we have researched and found out when looking into wireless headphones.

Wires can still get tangled up with your sticks and that's no fun!

Typically wireless headphones use Bluetooth to communicate an audio signal. Because an audio signal is quite a lot of data, there is a delay between when the sound is sent from your smartphone or computer to when you hear it through the headphones. You don’t notice this when watching a movie because the video software compensates for the delay.

With interactive audio (like in a game or musical instrument), it’s impossible to know when the sound will be produced and so the software cannot compensate for the delay. Since Freedrum is using interactive audio, certain Bluetooth headphones can have an inherent latency.

Fear not, luckily it is more than possible to use wireless headphones with Freedrum! 

We have tested (and they work beautifully!) headphones using 2.4 GHz wireless to connect to your device.

Here are two 2.4 GHz Wireless devices we have tested and can highly recommend.

Steelseries Arctic Wireless 1

This model works wirelessly using a USB-C dongle. You will need a PC/MAC or Android device supporting USB-C for this dongle. You will get lossless audio that makes for a great experience with Freedrum.

Razer Nari Ultimate

These work wirelessly with a USB-A dongle that is conveniently stored in the headphones. This will limit you to a PC/Mac that supports USB-A, but once again gives you a great wireless experience when playing with Freedrum. The haptic feedback on the Ultimate versions of the Nari headphones makes for an immersive experience like no other. Haptic Feedback on every bass drum kick feels amazing.

Do you know of other wireless standards that allow for a good experience with interactive audio? Email us here so we can update this post.

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