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I love the lessons that give real-time feedback and are engaging and push me creatively! 

by Louisj17

The app keeps getting better, keep it up!!!

by Dude Rosi

A New Way to Learn, Have Fun, 
and Keep Your Groove in Drumming

Note Highway

The notes are displayed as colored circles that match each drum or cymbal. Strike the hit area as the notes flow down the note highway. The progress bar will tell you if you are early or late to help you get a perfect hit.

Sheet Music

For those who prefer a more traditional approach to learning, this feature allows you to play the songs using traditional music notation as you learn.


Choose your course from either beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.
You’ll start by learning to play the basics and build up to more in-depth drum techniques.

Finger Drumming

Create beats and rhythms right at your finger tips with finger drumming mode.

Track Your Progress

The app does all the heavy lifting and gives you an easy summary to watch your progression as a drummer.

Free Play

Play the drums however you like and save a recording of your drumming to share with your friends.

Drummers at Any Level

No matter if you are a professional drummer or if you have never picked up a pair of drumsticks before, Freedrum Studio is suitable for everyone. With a wide range of courses, you can pick the level of drumming that fits you.

How to Get Started

Download Freedrum Studio

Download Freedrum Studio from the App Store or Google Play to your device. Freedrum Studio is compatible with iOS devices, Android and Windows.


Connect your chosen device. Freedrum Studio is compatible with all electronic drum kits and all versions of Freedrum.

Connect your drum kit

Start Drumming

You are all set! Start scrolling through our courses or jam in FreePlay. Remember to record your session and share it with your friends

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Freedrum Studio is Available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

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