Drum Functionalities - Roll Rudiments

Drum Functionalities - Roll Rudiments

Have you always wanted to learn the basics of drum coordination and technique? Follow this post to learn the most common drum rudiments and get the tools to advance in your own development on your drumming.


Single Stroke Roll - consists of evenly-spaced hits alternating between the right and left hand.


Single Stroke Four - consists of a consecutive triplet followed by an eight-note.


Single Stroke Seven - played in triplets with alternating hits.


Double Stroke (Open) Roll - consists of two hits alternating between the right and left hand.


Six Stroke Roll - starts with an accented single followed by two doubles and a single again.


Seven Stroke Roll - begins with three alternating double hits followed by an accented single.

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    The Rudiments would make a great addition to the new App.

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