Drum Functionalities - Paradiddle Rudiments

Paradiddle Rudiments

Have you always wanted to learn the basics of drum coordination and technique?

Follow this series to learn the most common paradiddle rudiments. These tools will advance your development in drumming.

What Is a Paradiddle?

The paradiddle rudiments are a combination of single and double strokes. The description of a paradiddle is when two single strokes (para) are followed by a double stroke (diddle).

You can hear paradiddle rudiments on many songs in music history. For example, on “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly, you can hear the single paradiddle. The use of double paradiddles can be heard in “The Devil’s Orchard” by Opeth. Tower of Power has a great example of the triple paradiddle on the song "What Is Hip?".

Below are videos of the examples mentioned.

How to Play the Paradiddle Rudiments

Single Paradiddle - Combination of two alternating single strokes followed by a double.

Double Paradiddle - Based on the single paradiddle, start with four alternating singles followed by a diddle.

Triple Paradiddle - Combination of six alternating strokes followed by a double stroke.

Paradiddle-diddle - Combination of two alternating notes followed by two alternating double strokes.

Want to learn more about drum rudiments?

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