Drum Functionalities - Flam Rudiments

Flam Rudiments

Looking to challenge yourself with more drum rudiments? In this post, we'll guide you through the basic flam rudiments to get your drum coordination and technique to the next level. 

What is a Flam?

A flam is a soft note played before the primary note. They are not played too close or too far. Playing them close will make them sound like one note and if you play too far they’ll sound like two independent notes. The key to mastering the flam is by placing the sticks at different heights. The one at the top will sound the loudest and the lower will be at a lower volume. The lower stick strikes the drum first and then the higher stick.

A great example of the flam rudiment can be heard in “Ticket to Ride” by The Beatles which is played continuously throughout the song. A drum solo played by Tony Williams in 1972 is another great example of how flams can be used.

How to play the Flam Rudiments

Flam - Two hits combining of a soft note followed by the primary note.


Flam Accent - A flam followed by two single strokes.


Flam Tap - A diddle with a flam on the first note.


Flam Paradiddle - A single paradiddle combined with a flam.


Swiss Army Triplet - A flam followed by a double and then a single stroke.


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