The Health Benefits of Drumming

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The Health Benefits of Drumming

Drumming increases your mood, reduces stress, and improves physical health

Nothing has the same effect on millions of people like music. Music can bring us together, be a tool for creativity and expression as well as positively influencing our mood and health.

Whether drumming is something completely new to you, or if you're an old-timer that’s just getting back into drumming, learning how to play the drums may substantially increase your mood, cognitive functions, and physical health. 
Many studies like Harvard's Men’s Health Watch deep dives into music's effects on a spectrum of health aspects like your memory and mood, your athletic performance, and stress reduction.

Studies have shown that playing an instrument can be equivalent to a complete physical activity for the brain. Learning the drums requires fine motor skills which activate the entire brain at the same time. Thus benefiting your mental and physical coordination.
According to Robert Lawrence Friedman, author of "The Healing Power of the Drum", drumming has shown that cancer patients who participated in a clinical trial improved their immune systems. 

Scientists showed studies of the effects of drumming by dividing people in to two groups (one drummed, the other didn’t) found that drumming reduced depression, anxiety and improved social resilience.
Drumming is also a great tool for managing stress, by playing drums you can fully express yourself releasing any negative emotions. This improves your mood and reduces levels of stress significantly.

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