Freedrum Electronic Drumsticks

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Freedrum Electronic Drumsticks is an instrument and app that will teach you to drum along to your favorite music. This is the most affordable way to learn and play the drums anytime, anywhere.

With this kit you can:

🥁 Play the drums and create beats anytime, anywhere
🎯 Learn to play with precision and clarity
⚖️ Cut your learning time by months or years
🎶 Create cool tracks and share them!

How it works:

We love playing the drums but they're large, loud, and expensive. That's why we've created an instrument that's silent, portable, and significantly more affordable.

Our solution is a complete hardware and software subscription service that will give you everything you need to start playing the drums.

This tightly integrated relationship between instrument and app will transform the way that you practice and give you deeper insights into your improvements.

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What’s included?

Two Freedrum drumsticks with built-in sensors
Two Freedrum pedal sensors
♫ USB-C charging cable
Plus a 3-month software subscription to our new app Freedrum Studio (Save $30)

The Freedrum virtual drum kit works with the Freedrum Studio app.
The app is available for download on AndroidiOS, macOS & Windows.
We offer Free Shipping & 14-day Money-Back Guarantee
Plus a 2-year warranty on all our products.

Shipping will start in November 2022 barring any further delays in production.