Update Firmware

How do I update the Freedrum Firmware?

Freedrum Firmware is the technology that runs in your Freedrum sensors. We make frequent updates to this technology and so it's good to make sure you have the latest version! You can check for an update by using the Freedrum Sensorware app on both AndroidiOS Follow these steps below to update your sensors:

  1. Open the Freedrum Sensorware app

  2. Turn on your Freedrum Sensors

  3. Select a sensor from the list in the app

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Check for Sensorware Update"

  5. Select "Update"

  6. The app will update the sensor. This will take about 90 seconds

  7. Do not turn off the sensor or close the app during this time

  8. Repeat this process for all sensors

  9. You will need to restart the Sensorware application to reconnect to the updated sensors

Now that your sensors are updated let's connect them to the Freedrum app. Head over here to pick which device you use to connect.

Sensorware for: iOS | Android

Current firmware version: V9