Playing Wrong Sounds

Why is Freedrum playing the wrong sounds?

Are you experiencing an issue that causes the incorrect sound to be played? Or are each of your Freedrum sensors playing different sounds? This can happen because of a few issues:

  1. The drum kit has tilted

  2. The drum kit has drifted

  3. Your sensors are upside down.

Read and follow these steps below. We are working on an update for all of these issues.

1. Hold your drumsticks still for a second

Tilting of the drum kit means that some of the higher-angled hit areas (like the ride cymbal and crash cymbal) have shifted downwards. What will happen is that you will hear a ride cymbal sound when you expected to hear a floor tom sound. This can happen very quickly if you play too hard.

  • Hold your drumsticks still in your hands for one second and the drum kit will correct itself

  • Try to incorporate small pauses in your playing to allow the sensors to be still for short period

  • Try to play a little softer

We are working on an update to the firmware (software on the sensor) that will prevent this from happening.

2. Re-center the sensors by pressing the buttons once

Similar to the previous issue, this issue can cause the incorrect sound to be played. The difference is that it can be that the drum kit has drifted to the left or right. You could hear a hi-hat when you expect to hear a snare drum. This occurs naturally with gyroscopes and we are working on clever ways to prevent it from happening.

  • Point both drumsticks in front of you and press the button once

  • This will re-center both sensors and correct the orientation of the drum kit

We are working on an update to the firmware (software on the sensor) that will prevent this from happening.

3. The sensor is upside down.

We have seen that sometimes customers put the sensors back on upside down. The LED button should always be facing you either if it is on your feet or on your sticks. An easy way to remember is that it should be close to your thumbs when you calibrate them.