How To Connect Your Freedrum Sensors In Garageband for iOS

How To Connect Your Sensors In Garageband for iOS

Now that your sensors are configured to your liking we can show you how to connect to Garageband. Garageband is one of the easiest DAWs to use and a added bonus for iOS users is that it is Free! You can use Garageband to play, record and produce music. With this quick tutorial we can show you how to connect your sensors to your iOS device to play in Garageband.

  1. Open Garageband on your iOS device.
  2. Create a new song.

  3. Swipe until you find drums and choice Acoustic Drums from the menu.
  4. It will default to the So Cal drumkit. (It is one of the best)
  5. Press the wrench/gear in the top right corncer and you will get the Settings menu.

  6. Scroll down to Advanced and press it.

  7. Scroll down to Run in background and check that off. (This will keep your sensors connected even if the app is not open so you can save battery)

  8. Scroll down to Bluetooth MIDI devices and press it.
  9. Now you will be prompted to allow Garageband to allow Bluetooth devices - please press ok other wise you will not be able to connect your sensors.
  10. Now turn on 1 of your sensors and it will show up in this Bluetooth menu. Press the sensor that says Not Connected next to it and it will ask you to pair the sensor. Press okay and the sensor will connect.
  11. Do this 1 sensor at a time until all 2 or 4 sensors are connected. 
  12. Close out of the menu and get rockin'!

Here is an example GIF to help you see the process.

Connect Sensors to Garageband


Please reach out to us if you are still having any issues connecting.