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New design - Electronics meets wood

We want Freedrum sticks to feel as much as possible to a real drumstick. That’s why we kept the wood and decided to incorporate the electronics within the stick, so a portion of the wood is cut and made space for the battery and electronics. Like a real drumstick, we use real hickory wood because it’s extra shock absorbent and it lasts longer. We managed to keep the thickness of the plastic so that it doesn’t disturb the profile of the stick. So when you hold the stick, none of the plastic sticks out, it feels just like a regular drumstick. 


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Freedrum + Midi

Haptic feedback & Heel-up

With haptic feedback you’ll get a unique sensation to the sticks whenever you hit a drum and how hard you hit it. Based on hitting a real drum kit, the vibrations from the stick will feel like you hit a drum that's right in front of you.

We’ve added heel up so you’ll now be able to play the bass pedal according to your preferences. And it will also increase the comfort and speed for you. This also works for a single bass, double bass, and the hi-hat.