Freedrum 2


New Design - Electronics Meets Wood

Freedrum sticks should feel as much as possible to a real drumstick.
That’s why we decided to incorporate the electronics within the wood of the stick.

Like a real drumstick, we use hickory wood because it’s extra shock absorbent and long lasting. These sticks have been finely balanced to provide a perfect weight and feel, in order to give you the best performance possible.


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Freedrum + MIDI

Haptic Feedback & Heel-Up

With haptic feedback, you’ll get a unique sensation to the sticks whenever you hit a drum. The vibrations from the stick will feel like you hit a drum that's right in front of you.

We’ve also added the heel-up feature.
Now you’ll be able to play the bass pedal according to your personal preferences.
This feature will also work for a single bass, double bass, and the hi-hat.