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Compatible with Freedrum & electronic drum kits

Compatible with Freedrum & all electronic drum kits

The Freedrum software is compatible with both our Freedrum hardware and any electronic drum kit.
To make it more available for people to learn drumming.

Learn with music

Make learning fun!


Choose your course from either beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. You’ll start by learning to play the basics and build up to more in-depth drum techniques. The other course we offer is the genre-based course that focuses more on the play techniques of the different genres, such as rock and jazz.

Instant feedback

Our own custom build note highway makes it easy for you to follow along while playing. It shows you exactly when to strike and what drum. We will also provide you with instant feedback while you play.

Track your activity

Track your activity after each session and watch your progress improve. The data that's collected will be summarised into the categories such as Play Time, Intensity, and Accuracy. This way you’ll  easily find what and how to improve your drumming skills.The app will show you your progress and suggest songs based on your level of difficulty.

Record & Share

Will be available for Android, iOS, Mac OS & Windows