Welcome to Freedrum

Let’s start from the beginning

We launched Freedrum in late 2016 in Malmö, Sweden. The company started out with a Kickstarter campaign that was backed by 4000 rockstar backers. In 2017 we shipped out our first Freedrum set and the company was officially born.

Since 2017, we have shipped over 20 000 Freedrum units globally, and thus made drumming more accessible for all.

In 2019 the company renewed it’s vision - To make learning music as affordable and accessible as possible. We want to bring as many musicians in the world as we can! 

The company has grown a lot in 2020. We went from 2 employees to 11 in less than a year.

We are very proud of our community and we love seeing our fans exploring Freedrum and sharing their stories with us.

Meet the team!