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How do I get foot sensors?

The Freedrum sensors can fit your drumsticks and feet. Purchase the Complete Kit option that includes four sensors. 2 sensors for your sticks and 2 for your feet.

If you ordered the Starter Kit and are looking to order 2 more sensors contact us at for more information. You can order an additional Starter Kit as well.

How do I configure a sensor to be a foot sensor? 

You can read more about this in the Setup Process.


What app do I need for Freedrum? 

You need two apps to use the Freedrum sensors properly. Sensorware for updates and configuration. Freedrum is used to play with a full 3D drum kit.

Freedrum Sensors use MIDI over Bluetooth to work with the vast majority of music software other than our own personal app

Apps to download:

Freedrum iOS | macOS | Android

Garageband iOS | macOS 

To Configure:

Sensorware iOS | Android | Windows

Do the Freedrum sensors work with iOS devices?

Yes! We support devices able to run iOS 12 and above. If you have any questions about your device please contact our Technical Support.

Do the Freedrum sensors work with Android devices?

Freedrum supports Android!

Yes! We support devices using certain API, with support of Midi over Bluetooth. You can download our Freedrum App for Android right now! To know which devices work best check our Android Compatibility section.

Freedrum | Google Play Store


Do the Freedrum sensors work on macOS?

Yes! We support Apple devices running macOS X 10.11.0 or later, 64-bit processor. Download it today!

Does Freedrum work on Windows?

Yes! You can now configure your sensors for playing on Windows. You need Windows 10 Anniversary edition or a newer version of the OS for it to work.

Here is the link to connect on Windows.

Can I open the Hi Hat with Freedrum?

Yes. With Freedrum you open the Hi Hat with a twist gesture on the stick, while hitting the Hi Hat. Have a look at step 8 in our Setup Page.

We have released a new app called Freedrum on iOS and MacOS that has the open hi-hat with your foot sensor. You need V9 firmware or above for it to work.


Can I move the drum positions of the virtual drumkit?

You can fully customize your kit in our app moving your drums where you want.

Can I play music in the background while I use Freedrum?

Yes. You can play music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and other services in the background while drumming. In Garageband for example, go to ''Advanced'' settings and select ''Run in background'' and also ''Use with music apps'' to enable this.

How do I get in touch with you?

Feel free to send any questions you may have to