Tutorial - Connecting Your Sensors on Windows (Beta)

Tutorial - Connecting your sensors.


Access the Freedrum sensor settings by tapping the


Press Open Bluetooth Settings and the Windows Bluetooth Settings will open.


In this Bluetooth menu you need to make sure that your Bluetooth is toggled on and then press add device. This will open the dialogue window in step 4.


Select Bluetooth to connect your Freedrum sensors.


Turn on 1 of the 4 sensors. You want to connect 1 at a time so you have no connection issues. Then select the Freedrum sensors from this menu. The sensor needs to say V9. If the sensor is named V8 or V7 you need to contact support for instructions on how to update your sensors.


Once the sensor connects it will display as connected.


Now that it is connected it will display as paired. Repeat steps 5-8 for the rest of your sensors.


You can go back to the Freedrum program and then see your sensors on the left hand side of the window. Press continue to go to the next screen.


Once you see all the sensors you can press done.


You can see the green icon which lets you know that your sensors are connected then you can start playing.

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