Different ways of learning to play the drums.

Whether you go old school, choose the new digital world, or learn all by yourself.

If you’re looking to be great at drumming or just want to learn the basics a great approach is to find a tutor. To get a good sense of the fundamentals from someone who can instruct you first hand.

When finding a tutor who can give you physical lessons is not an option there are plenty of digital options. 

Freedrum is a perfect learning tool, especially if you are just getting into drumming and want to test out the basics. The freedrum kit is not only light and easily portable but because of it's virtual drumming kit you can easily record, mix music using MIDI and practice social distancing all at once.

Speaking of virtual and digital options, one of today’s greatest online resources is YouTube that has plenty of great musicians and tutors. Some of our favorite YouTube channels are 

World Drum Club

Mike Johnston


The Drum Professor

You can never stop learning

It is also very important to remember that you can never stop learning how to play the drums! There will always be new techniques or new songs that you can master. Never stop engaging with the community, there are so many incredible drummers both young and old that are constantly creating and sharing new music.

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